About Aware eSports

Aware eSports is a multi-region organization founded on the idea that professional gaming is about more than just the competitions, but also about having a solid business model behind it. This understanding is what will build our foundation not only as an eSports organization, but also the teams we field. We stress professionalism, creativity, and adaptability throughout our organization and we believe that having an "awareness” of how to provide services that benefit our sponsors, partners and fans is what will help us differentiate ourselves from other teams.

Aware Owner/CEO Ryan "Arbee" Bentley has said for years that he believes competitive gaming could become the next "X-Games” in the sporting world. But at Aware, we are aware that this requires more of a business mentality then has existed in previous years. It requires that professional organizations form partnerships with other businesses and sponsors to bring them added value beyond just winning. It means thinking a little "outside the box”, and targeting a broader range of gamer demographics such as female gamers, social gamers, and the older gamers who are professionals in other fields, but still hold that passion for competitive gaming. And most importantly it means to continually try to innovate the eSports scene and how we bring gaming to the mass.

At Aware, we combine our relentless passion for eSports with our business experience, and involvement in various fields that include: competitive gaming, music industry, youth/college athletics, and technology to help provide a better future for eSports. We hope you will give us the opportunity to share our passion with you.

Why join Aware eSports?

If you are looking to join an organization that is SERIOUS about eSports, then Aware is that place. At Aware we focus on far more than just improving your gameplay. We help provide a consistent, structured practice environment where our players have goals to achieve and a set schedule they can rely on to build a good routine. We help teach our players how to grow their brand, handle media, and how to better promote themselves in general. We are also an organization focused on the business of eSports. What does that mean for you? Well, that means that you can be confident that we are constantly looking to improve our business model, always searching out new streams of revenue, partnerships, and looking for better ways to serve as an asset to our existing partners. And most importantly, at Aware we are committed to providing a mature and safe gaming environment. We will focus on diversity, and a family atmosphere, and will not tolerate abusive behavior in any way.

With all of this and some very ambitious goals, we hope that you will find Aware eSports as a great community, a great learning environment, and a great place to support our growing roster of pro teams!

Our Commitment to our Sponsors

At Aware, we value each and every one of our sponsors. We want to work with you to help you achieve your marketing goals, as you are helping us achieve ours. We want you to think of our team, as an extension of yours who will work with you in executing marketing strategies, promotions, campaigns, and be available to assist with whatever we can. We will constantly look to innovate and continue to provide new creative solutions. Our goal is to create a long-term partnership in which both parties will be successful. If you are interested in discussing sponsorship options, please contact us at: esports@awaregaming.com.

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