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About Our Aware Academy Teams

Today we are happy to announce that we are bringing back the Aware Academy program! While we will be making a few changes to the Aware Academy, the goal of the academy is still to give new talent or up and coming teams who have the goal and desire to prove themselves and work towards becoming a pro team, the opportunity to prove they have what it takes while being under the careful watch of our organization.

While we will be focusing on a few limited titles, and only be looking to carry one academy team per game/region, we will still be opening up the opportunity to anyone who we feel would be a good candidate. As a member of our academy, you will be able to prove you can take that next step to become a pro team while also learning and showing us that you can handle the tasks required of an Aware Gaming pro team. You will participate in streaming and videos with the other teams on our rosters, and continue to compete and improve as a team. The Aware Academy is a resource for us to bring in new up and coming talent so that we can watch closer, and see how the team performs over time rather than a one time application or email where maybe the team isn't quite up to par with what we would consider a pro team just yet. But by coming in first under the academy it puts you at "the front of the line" for promotion to our professional team roster.

We will be starting off this new era of the Aware Academy we will be limiting the titles at first in which we are looking for teams. Currently we will be recruiting first for the following titles: Counter-strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, and Smite (PC and Xbox). This doesn't mean that it is absolutely the only games we are willing to bring teams in for initially, so if you feel your team would be a great candidate then get in contact with us and tell us about your team. As always, we are looking for the best opportunities and teams that show they are willing to prove themselves.

If you have the desire and drive to prove you have what it takes, and want to get your feet in with a well-established professional gaming organization, then send us more information (including any events, placements or other achievements) to Academy@awaregaming.com now!

Current Rosters

Spencer "Campking"Woodward || @_Campking
Christopher "Haggie" Hill || @Haggie__
Chris "Freezie" Fontaine || @FreezieOhhBaby
Patrik "ProjectxPatty" Lemon || @ProjectxPatty

Academy Accomplishments
  • HCS Indianpolis by PGL- 9th Place
  • ESL Winter Beta Cup #4- 1st Place
  • ESL Winter Beta Cup #3- 3rd Place
  • MLG Qualifier 1/6/14- 2nd Place
  • MLG Winter Open Weekly #3- 3rd Place
  • ESL Winter Championship Series- 4th Place
  • ESL Beta Cup Monthly Championship- 4th Place
  • DoTA 2 PRO G LEAGUE #1 - 2nd Place
  • Eizo Cup #11 Qualifier- Top 16 (final round)
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