Today marks a new direction for Aware Gaming, as it was announced earlier that we have transferred ownership of our NA Call of Duty team and pro league roster spot to TCM Gaming. We have had a good run in the North Americal Call of Duty scene dating back to our first LAN event at MLG Dallas for Black Ops 2. However, sometimes tough decisions have to be made, and bold new paths have to be paved. Below is a statement from the owner of Aware Gaming on the reasons behind this decision, and some of the misinformation out there:

"As most of you have probably seen by now we came to an agreement a couple weeks ago to make our departure from the NA Call of Duty scene. This was not an easy decision on any part, and one that I had to think about for a very long time. Unfortunately I came to the conclusion that this scene in particular was just far too expensive for the lack of return we received, and was not going to be financially viable or responsible for us moving forward. Most people have no clue just how much many of us spend out of our own pockets to support our teams, and it often results in players who force their way out, don't put forth a proper effort in doing the things needed to properly grow our business, and many who are just flat out unappreciative of what we do as owners for our teams. So it was my intention at that time to find a new home for our team that would be able to better support the team moving forward.

When the decision was made on who would be acquiring our pro league position, it was both an exciting moment as someone who has long supported the EU Call of Duty scene too, but also disheartening to know what it would most likely mean for our players. I want to clear up one thing immediately in that it was NOT my decision to withhold this news until the last possible moment. However, given the circumstances and the work it entailed for TCM to acquire the spot and make the transition, I was bound by a confidentiality agreement to do so, which I respected.

I understand this comes as a shock to many, and there will be many of you who are upset by this decision. However, when it comes down to the bottom line, it is a decision that had to be made. There has been a lot of misinformation out there about many details, which I will not respond to other than to say that the only people who actually know the details of this agreement are the two parties involved. I understand that the vast majority of people out there have no idea what is involved in running an organization the way we have run it the last three years, and therefore will not understand the decision. But hopefully everyone will focus their energy in supporting the teams and players in the scene moving forward, rather than focusing on negativity. As for us, we will be shifting our focus a bit moving forward, but I wish only the best for everyone in NA Call of Duty moving forward."

We would like to wish TCM Gaming, and all teams and players in the NA Call of Duty scene the best of luck moving forward, and look forward to the future here at Aware Gaming as well!