Announcing Our New Xbox Smite Roster!

By Arbee a - Posted Aug 18, 15

As we have emphasized many times in the past, we are true believers in Smite on Xbox, and in its short time in the eSports scene we have been very active already. With the departure of our previous roster, we were left looking for a team that we thought would be competing for top spot with the best teams in the game. So today, we are finally excited to announce our new Xbox Smite roster! The new roster will consist of team captain and mid-laner Ryan "Aggression" Bailey, solo laner Kyle "Blacksye" Olney, jungler TJ "Shame" Burnam, carry Tyler "Tsmall" Small, support Andy "Candyman" Candiello. They will also be joined by designated substitute Hector "Achilles" Collazo, and coach Matthew "Hoax" Salamandyk.

The team, which was formerly going by the name of "Driven Gaming" has already proven to be a force on the Xbox Smite scene, despite arriving later than most of the other top teams. They got everyone's attention immediately when they won the very first tournament they competed in, beating teams such as Audacity and VexX Gaming along the way. They then followed that up immediately with a top 4 finish in their first UMG tournament as a team. They have continued on with their success in the ESNLA Challenger league, and have consistently placed amongst the best teams in every tournament they have entered. In the past week alone, they have placed 2nd in the MLG $1k 5v5, top 8 in the most recent $1k 5v5, and won the most recent MLG 4v4 tournament as well. Needless to say, we believe this team has great potential and have high expectations moving forward into the big events the rest of the year!

As you may have noticed, Smite on Xbox has taken off at an extrodinary pace. Our team will be competing in the MLG World Championships qualifying tournaments that start this weekend, and look forward to attending the World Championships in New Orleans in October. And with the team only continuing to get better, we are looking forward to competing in the upcoming MLG Smite Pro League, as well as competing for a spot at the UMG and Smite World Championship events in Atlanta coming up!

We are truly excited to have the guys on board, and make sure you give the team a follow as we lead into some truly exciting times!

Ryan "Aggression" Bailey || @Aware_Aggro
Kyle "Blacksye" Olney || @Aware_Blacksye
TJ "Shame" Burnam || @Aware_Shame
Tyler "Tsmall" Small || @Aware_Tsmall
Andy "Candyman" Candiello || @Aware_Candyman
Hector "Achilles" Collazo || @Aware_Achilles
Matthew "Hoax" Salamandyk || @Aware_Hoax