Today we are ecstatic to announce that we are expanding our presence in the Xbox Smite scene to Europe! We have been a strong supporter of the Xbox Smite scene since the beginning, and with the success of our North American Smite team we feel like the time is right to also enter into the European Smite scene. With that being said, we would like to welcome the team formally known as "Team Insomnia" to Aware Gaming! The roster which consists of four UK players, and one from Hungary will be: Team Captain and Support David "Zenborne" Pentek, Solo Laner Jack "Watson" Watson, Jungler Joshua "Future" Barboteau, Mid Laner William "Syncrotion" Theobold, and AD Carry Jordon "Dobson" Dobson. They will also be joined by their Coach/Sub and EU Smite scene veteran, Dirk "prOxyQQ" Meichsner.

The team which had previously also been known as "Silent Pandas" and "Mortality", have been a consistent top performing team in the EU Xbox scene from the very first tournaments. The team already has over 10 first place finishes in the ESL and Gfinity online Smite cups, and most importanly have qualified for the ESL European Finals, November 28-29th! The team qualified after winning the second online qualifier, and will be competing along with three other teams for the coveted EU spot at the Smite World Championships in Atlanta! With the experience, performance, and dedication of this team, along with the great knowledge that Dirk brings to the team as their new coach, we have a ton of confidence that this team will be right there competing for the SWC spot!

Team captain David "Zenborne" Pentek had this to say :

"We're very excited to be a part of a renowned professional organization like Aware Gaming,especially with the upcoming LAN.Thus we're looking forward to give our best in every competition to get the best results we can achieve!"

We hope everyone will welcome and support the new team, and make sure to cheer them on November 28-29th, as they compete in the European Finals! Together with our North American team, we are extremely excited to have two extremely talented rosters competing for us!

Make sure to give the team a follow on Twitter too:

David "Zenborne" Pentek || @Aware_Zenborne
Jack "Watson" Watson || @Aware_Watson
Joshua "Future" Barboteau || @Aware_Future
William "Syncrotion" Theobold || @Aware_Syn
Jordon "Dobson" Dobson || @Aware_Dobson
Dirk "prOxyQQ" Meichsner || @proxyQQ