We told you before that we would be looking into the French eSports scene, it just may have taken a little bit longer to come to fruition than we originally planned. The French have an eSports scene that produces such passion, a huge following, and players that are so proud to compete in France, that we have known for awhile we wanted to be more involved. We have long admired the passion of the fans, the immense following they show for their favorite players. And after we competed in France twice during the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 season, including finishing in 5th place at the 2013 ESWC, we could feel the energy those events gave off all the way to the United States.

So it is with great pleasure that we announce our new Call of Duty roster for Black Ops 3, and our first full French roster! The roster consists of the previously announced Maxime "Agonie" Di Falco, along with Quentin "Veziok" Seury, Jason "Jayz" Faille, and Thomas "AzoX" Albanece. With an extremely talented and experienced roster like this, not only do we believe this could be the top team in France, but a top competitor in Europe as well. The team boasts a ton of top-tier competitive Call of Duty experience between two long-time legendary players in the French scene like Agone and AzoX. Veziok was also one of the top French players last season on Call of Duty while playing for HyperGames. And although you may now be as familiary with Jayz, he is an outstanding young talent who is primed to make sure you know who he is very soon!

Between the players on the team, they have multiple Call of Duty World Championships appearances, European Championship appearances, ESWC, and numerous Call of Duty titles in France. This team will be a strong candidate to qualify for the newly created Call of Duty World League for Europe, and you can expect to see them not only taking down more French titles in 2016, but also making more appearances in other major European tournaments. You can also expect to see a steady supply of streaming and videos from our new roster, and a team that is more interactive than some of our previous rosters.

We hope that you will join us in welcoming Agonie, AzoX, Jayz, and Veziok to Aware Gaming and show them your support for the Black Ops 3 season!