We know we have been pretty quiet this year, but it has been for good reason. We have taken the time to evaluate our past, and make some decisions on what we want to do with the future of Aware Gaming. At a time where virtually everyone is trying to jump into the exploding Esports scene, we want to make sure we keep our identity, and continue to choose to do things the way we want to do them, rather than getting caught up in the "arms race" of professional gaming. Over the past 3+ years in the Esports scene now, we have always been able to maintin a very positive reputation amongst everyone we have worked with. This type of atmosphere, and reputation is something we want to make sure we continue in to the future.

We also want to make sure that the teams we support, the players we are giving the opportunity to travel and compete all over the world, are the types of players and teams we can be proud about representing our brand and our sponsors. We have worked with some truly great players over the years, across numerous competitive games, and throughout many different countries. And even when our paths moved in different directions, we have continued to mantain a great friendship with so many of these players. 

With that, we are excited to let you know we have started our search for teams and new ideas to continue to move forward with Aware Gaming! We have a couple secret little projects that we have let grow over the last few months, and will be a little different from what we have done in the past. But we are also looking for the next waves of top-tier teams who will represent Aware Gaming in the best possible manner moving into the future! As always, we evaluate all possibilities on a case-by-case basis, but a few titles we are already looking into include:

  • CS:GO
    • Super Smash Bros
      • Hearthstone
        • Overwatch
        • Other FGC titles
          • A couple other surprise games that will bring something different to Aware Gaming!

          As we start to ramp back up, we will also be looking to add some additional staff members to the team. We are looking for quality people who want to be a part of what we do, and be a part of growing Aware to even bigger heights. We also need people who can follow through on their committments. We can always use help, but a few specific areas we are looking for help include:

          • Website manager to keep our website and content up to date, and to also help us migrate our existing website to a new platform.
          • Social media manager who knows how to keep social media active while providing quality and professional posts.
          • Team managers who can help make sure our teams have what they need taken care of, and also to help Aware management get the content and information we need from our teams.
          • Youtube/Twitch content providers. We are always looking for reliable and quality media people to join our team.

          We have only mentioned a few things here, so if you feel you have a team we should be looking at, or are someone interested in helping Aware Gaming, make sure to get in touch with us! We our constantly reviewing our applications, so if you are interested in getting in touch, please contact us using the application on our website, or by emailing us at: esports@awaregaming.com. We can't always respond to everyone, but will be in touch if we feel there could be a good fit!

          We are really excited to break from our short hiatus, and looking forward to getting back in the middle of competing for championships!