Today we are extremely excited to welcome in the first team of the next wave of Aware Gaming pro teams. The Xbox Smite scene is one we have been very involved in from the beginning, with our teams competing at events such as: MLG, Smite World Championships, ESL and the first Smite Pro League. We have always been a big supporter of the Smite Xbox scene, and we are extremely excited that we will once again be competing in the pro league for Smite on Xbox!

We have acquired the roster of the former team "Los Amigos" which consists of: team captain Nicholas "DrLilCabes" Lohmann, Casey "LayersOfDeath" Fowler, Brenden "xBoronic" Laureano, Christopher "Kenshin" Page, Cameron "Camurxn G" Goodman and their coach Brandon "Resistevo" Fuentes. While the team has only been playing together for just over a month, they were able to cruise through the Challenger Cup series and qualify for the Smite Console League after defeating both Noble and Kingdom in the relegation matches. While this will be the first pro league experience for the majority of the team, they do have the experience of Christopher "Kenshin" Page who previously competed on LAN and in the Smite Pro League for Epsilon Esports. However, with only a month playing together this team has already shown that they have the ability to compete with anyone in the Smite Console League.

Our new Smite roster will be competing in Season 3 of the Smite Console Leauge which kicks off this Monday, September 5th! There will be no easy introduction for the team though as they will start off immediately with two matches, playing recent LAN winner Most Wanted and Soar on day one. It is a great time to get back into the Smite arena as preparations for the 2017 Smite World Championships start to ramp up. We are very excited to have this roster as part of Aware Gaming, and look forward to watching them compete this season!

Please give the team a follow and support as they begin their quest to qualify for the Smite World Championships! We would also like to thank our great sponsors at: Scuf Gaming, Turtle Beach, Pwnd, and Tomahawk Shades for their support!