Only a week removed from a successful weekend at the MLG World Finals in New Orleans where our Smite team finished in 3rd place and secured a spot in the MLG Smite Pro League, a number of roster changes have been being made throughout the pro team rosters, affecting us as well. While some of the circumstances around these changes have been unfortunate to both us and our remaining players, we are choosing not to look back but to focus on moving forward to securing a spot in the playoffs, and then to the Smite World Championship.

As of now, both Ryan "Aggro" Bailey and TJ "Shame" Burnam have decided to leave Aware Gaming. We wish them best of luck with their new journeys. However, we are excited to welcome Tyler "Qruxy" Partain to our pro league roster to fill the role of AD Carry! Qruxy is very highly regarded in the Xbox Smite scene as a former challenger level League of Legends player, and for helping his former team, Team Solo Queue/Vanquish be quite successful since joining the competitive Xbox scene later than most of the other teams. With this move, Tyler "Tsmall" Small will be making the move to jungler, which was his primary role before switching to AD Carry.

To fill our need in the middle, Nicholas "Yubs" Yebba will be added to our roster for our first match of the season tonight against Team Eager. Yubs has been around the Xbox Smite scene for awhile now, and is widely regarded as one of the most solid all-around players. While we haven't had enough time to make a final decision on our mid-lane position yet, we will make sure that we do everything possible to put our team in the best position to succeed moving forward.

Along with these changes, we are happy to announce that Andy "Candyman" Candiello will now fill the role of team captain! Andy has been a rock for us in the solo lane, and his performance in New Orleans was crucial in helping us be as successful as we were. While roster changes are never optimal at the last minute, we are giving our full support to the team to move forward and do whatever it takes to continue to be one of the top teams in the game.

As we have emphasized many times in the past, we are true believers in Smite on Xbox, and in its short time in the eSports scene we have been very active already. With the departure of our previous roster, we were left looking for a team that we thought would be competing for top spot with the best teams in the game. So today, we are finally excited to announce our new Xbox Smite roster! The new roster will consist of team captain and mid-laner Ryan "Aggression" Bailey, solo laner Kyle "Blacksye" Olney, jungler TJ "Shame" Burnam, carry Tyler "Tsmall" Small, support Andy "Candyman" Candiello. They will also be joined by designated substitute Hector "Achilles" Collazo, and coach Matthew "Hoax" Salamandyk.

The team, which was formerly going by the name of "Driven Gaming" has already proven to be a force on the Xbox Smite scene, despite arriving later than most of the other top teams. They got everyone's attention immediately when they won the very first tournament they competed in, beating teams such as Audacity and VexX Gaming along the way. They then followed that up immediately with a top 4 finish in their first UMG tournament as a team. They have continued on with their success in the ESNLA Challenger league, and have consistently placed amongst the best teams in every tournament they have entered. In the past week alone, they have placed 2nd in the MLG $1k 5v5, top 8 in the most recent $1k 5v5, and won the most recent MLG 4v4 tournament as well. Needless to say, we believe this team has great potential and have high expectations moving forward into the big events the rest of the year!

As you may have noticed, Smite on Xbox has taken off at an extrodinary pace. Our team will be competing in the MLG World Championships qualifying tournaments that start this weekend, and look forward to attending the World Championships in New Orleans in October. And with the team only continuing to get better, we are looking forward to competing in the upcoming MLG Smite Pro League, as well as competing for a spot at the UMG and Smite World Championship events in Atlanta coming up!

We are truly excited to have the guys on board, and make sure you give the team a follow as we lead into some truly exciting times!

Ryan "Aggression" Bailey || @Aware_Aggro
Kyle "Blacksye" Olney || @Aware_Blacksye
TJ "Shame" Burnam || @Aware_Shame
Tyler "Tsmall" Small || @Aware_Tsmall
Andy "Candyman" Candiello || @Aware_Candyman
Hector "Achilles" Collazo || @Aware_Achilles
Matthew "Hoax" Salamandyk || @Aware_Hoax

Today we're excited to announce the return of Call of Duty player, Jack "JTee" Taylor. Jack joins up with our EU CoD team, filling the void left by Maple. For those of you who have followed the EU CoD scene, you will know that Jack brings a wealth of experience to the team, having played at many of the worlds biggest events under Aware before. Jack was part of the Aware squad who finished higher than any other EU team at the 2015 world championships, placing t12, and also helped bring Aware our highest ever EU placement when finishing 2nd at the Gfinity Open.

Jack will be joining up with our current three players - Damo, SunnyB and Zer0. They have already played their first tournament together, finishing t2 in the Gfinity league qualifier, earning themselves a spot in the Championship for season 2. Their first offline event together will be CityLAN in just under a months time.

Make sure to give the squad a follow and welcome JTee back to Aware Gaming!


For some time now, we here at Aware Gaming have been very intrigued about the idea of a console MOBA. If you remember one of our previous articles, we took a look at the first MOBA game to hit a console with Guardians of Middle Earth. So needless to say we were very intrigued when it was announced that the popular PC MOBA Smite would be coming to the Xbox One. Since that announcement, we have been following the progress of the game with a very keen eye, and so far we have been amazed at just how well this game in particular has been able to transition to a console. The North American LAN scene is extremely lacking when it comes to game variety, especially in the MOBA genre, which is hard to understand at times with just how successful that genre has been in the professional gaming scene. However, with the beta launch of Smite on Xbox One, we have seen a game that we truly believe can be a hugely successful game on the eSports scene, and bring us another competitive title to already popular LAN events that cater mostly to console gamers.

So with all that being said, we thought this was the perfect time to announce the addition of our first Smite Xbox pro team! We are extremely excited to pick up the team that was formerlly going by the name of Team Torva and believe their future is extremely bright with Aware Gaming. The team consists of team captain and mid-laner Robert "Lovellyy" Love, jungler Andrew "Pookabear" Nowakowski, solo laner Arthur "uzmul" Asherov, carry Daniel "Hotbow" Reyes and support player Chad "Echoes" Ralph. This team is filled with top-tier Smite talent and experience. Andrew was previously the jungler for the Smite Challenger team "COG Crusaders", and helped lead the team to a 2nd place finish in Challenger Cup group play and a spot at the finals. Arthur was also playing in the Challenger Cup prior to the last split as a member of Boogaloo before the team disbanded, and the other members went on to become Enemy Esports. Robert also previously served as the team captain for Noble eSports Smite team as well. Both Andrew and Arthur are Masters ranked players in Smite on PC, and Robert, Daniel, and Chad are also Diamond ranked players on the PC. There is no doubt that this is a team ripe with top-tier talent and ready to compete as one of the best teams in this game.

Aware Gaming really believes in the potential of this game and is committed to being a major presence as this game continues to grow into a true professional eSports scene. With the game about to enter into open beta, there is some pretty big things coming around the corner for this game and we are excited to be a major contender from the start. We look forward to not only taking part in the upcoming events already being planned, but are also looking into playing a larger role in this game from an organizational standpoint, so stay tuned for developments as the game progresses!

So please join us in welcoming our new Smite team to Aware Gaming, and make sure to stay tuned for more news on our team as they compete to become the best Smite team on Xbox! And as a part of Aware Gaming, and with our great partners like Turtle Beach, Scuf Gaming, Pwnd Gamerz, and more, we will be able to provide them with all the tools they need to become the best!

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Robert "Lovellyy" Love || @Aware_Lovellyy
Andrew "Pookabear" Nowakowski || @Aware_Pookabear
Arthur "Uzmul" Asherov || @Aware_Uzmul
Daniel "Hotbow" Reyes || @Aware_Hotbow
Chad "Echos" Ralph || @Aware_Echos

Today we are delighted to announce our new EU roster for Call of Duty. After a string of impressive showings by our previous squad including the top placing EU team at the Call of Duty World Championships, we are very excited to be picking up an all new line-up packed with some of Europe’s best up and coming players! The roster for future tournaments will be led by Damien "Damo" Wild, alongside Gurdip "SunnyB" Bains, Trei "Zero" Morris and Jack "JMaple" McCartney. This team will take Aware Gaming in a whole new direction, opting away from the seasoned veterans in favor of some fresh new talent with a ton of potential. Damo, aged 20, will be captaining the squad. Damien is a player who has really broken out into the top level of European CoD recently with some impressive individual performances at events in the UK and Europe however until now has lacked a stable team to help him reach his full potential. We believe Damo will really flourish in this new line up now he’s surrounded by players that can match his explosive slaying power.

Zero and Maple, both 17, are two players who have really made a name for themselves over the last few months. They are constantly making it to the latter stages of all the online tournaments playing with and against the household names of European call of Duty and this has earned them a fearsome reputation amongst the community. Jack and Trei are relatively new to the scene but what they lack in experience them more than make up for in raw talent. These guys have bags of potential between them and we are eager to see how they develop in this squad, you can be sure that these are two names you’re going to be hearing a lot more in the future!

SunnyB, 19, is the most experienced of the four with a plethora of solid LAN placements under his belt and has competed on the world stage at Call of Duty championships and ESWC. Despite these achievements Gurdip is often underrated by his fellow players but has proven on many occasions his consistent ability to perform under pressure at the highest level. He is also a force to be reckoned with on Search and Destroy which could prove a vital edge when it comes down to crunch time on LAN. Sunny rounds of this team well and his experience will be essential for this team’s success.

All in all we are incredibly excited about this new team and can’t wait to see how they match up against the other top European teams. Luckily we won’t have to wait long as the boys will be attending AM2PRO in July. This will be the first real test for the team and the guys are working hard to make sure they ready to impress. The sky is the limit for this team; we are very happy to have them with us in Aware Gaming and are confident it will provide the home they need to reach there enormous potential!

As always, we want to give a huge thanks to our sponsors: Scuf Gaming, Turtle Beach, Pwnd Gamerz, Tomahawk Shades and be certain to watch out for us at AM2PRO and give all the guys a follow!

Damien Wild || @Aware_Damo
Gurdip Bains || @Aware_SunnyB
Trei Morris || @Aware_Zer0
Jack McCartney || @Aware_JMaple