About Aware Gaming

Aware Gaming [Aware] is the brand used for our top-level, professional teams. These are the teams that that will be eligible for sponsor and organization-backed support which may include: uniforms, equipment, hardware, league fees, event travel, and salary/stipends. As an Aware Gaming player, they will represent our organization and our partners in the highest LAN and online leagues and tournaments. They will provide consistent online streaming content, news and interview content, and participate in our partner-specific marketing campaigns. They will hold themselves to a higher level of professionalism, and commitment required to be a pro gamer. It is our goal to not only grow these players as professional gamers, but to also increase their overall marketing brand.

Call of Duty

Our featured game for 2013, we fielded top teams in both Europe and North America while attending major LAN events such as MLG, EGL, Gfinity and ESWC. Easily considered one of the top 3 teams in Europe, we attended and earned top placements at global events such as Gfinity 2, and the Esports World Cup (ESWC). Our team also competed in the highest online leagues, winning the first ever Gfinity Pro League and qualifying for a spot at the UK/ROI Call of Duty Championships. Call of Duty is growing at an exponential rate, and we look to continue our excellence in this game moving forward.

Dota 2

In 2013 we fielded one of the best semi-pro North American Dota 2 teams, competing and earning good placements in very tough online competitions with teams from throughout the world. However in 2014 we went even further by fielding one of the best up and coming European teams, hailing from Russia. We competed in some of the biggest online competitions such as: Starladder Star League, joinDOTA league, Gfinity leagues, and eventually earning an invitation as one of only 11 teams in Europe to compete in the qualifying event for The International 4. The International 4 was the largest eSport event to date, with a prize pool of nearly $11 million.

League of Legends

Currently in the process of rebuilding, our League of Legends team competed at MLG Anaheim in 2013 as part of the Challenger Series, taking 3rd place overall. Recently we also fielded a great young team out of Denmark, who was a top Challenger tier team and performed well at the Ignition LAN as well as Copenhagen Games in Denmark. With your help, we plan to secure a team capable of competing in the largest eSports league in the world.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike has experienced a great resurgence in the eSports scene, boasting many huge tournaments with equally huge prize pools. We hope to help boost and continue to grow the CS:GO scene in North America, and our fairly newly formed team has already shown great skill and potential in both CEVO and ESEA leagues. We plan to grow our presence into Europe in the coming months.

Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis is one of the newest competitive MOBAs to hit eSports. We have been very active within that game, competing in tournaments in both Europe and North America while also being in constant communication with the developer’s eSports team to help grow their game’s competitive scene. We look forward to seeing the future for Infinite Crisis, and plan to remain one of the top teams.

Starcraft 2 / World of Tanks / Hearthstone / Smite

We already have plans in motion to increase our presence in all of these games. We have recently added one of the top North American World of Tanks teams, competing in the WGL NA Gold league. They have competed in China as part of the World Cyber Games in 2013, while also reaching the finals of the WGL. Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone are also games we have been very intent on finding the right fit, and believe we will do that moving forward.

Where We Play
The Biggest Professional Gaming Events

In 2013 alone we attended 10 major LAN events in three different countries for a total of 13 LAN appearances. We now have well over 30 tournament appearances the last 3+ years, in five different countries and its constantly growing. How many organizations can say that?

  • 2014 Call of Duty UK/ROI Championships - London, UK
  • Copenhagen Games 2014 - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Ignition LAN - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Fragdelphia 2 - Philadelphia, PA 
  • MLG 2012 Fall Championships - Dallas, TX
  • Multiplay i48 - Telford, UK
  • MLG Winter Championships - Dallas, TX
  • European Gaming League 9 - Blackpool, UK
  • Skylan #1 - Paris, FR
  • MLG Spring Championships - Anaheim, CA
  • European Gaming League 10 - Sheffield, UK
  • Gfinity 2 - London, UK
  • eSports World Cup (ESWC) 2013 - Paris, FR
  • MLG 2013 Fall Championships - Columbus, OH
  • Multiplay i50 - Telford, UK
  • UMG Nashville 2014- Nashville, TN
  • Multiplay i53- Coventry, UK
  • MLG Advanced Warfare $25k- Columbus, OH
  • UMG Orlando- Orlando, FL
  • 2015 Call of Duty European Championships- London, UK
  • 2015 Call of Duty World Championships- Los Angeles, CA
  • Gfinity Call of Duty Open- London, UK
  • Gfinity Call of Duty Spring Masters- London, UK
  • Am2Pro Omnia 7k- Blackpool, UK
  • MLG Advanced Warfare Pro League Seson 1 Playoffs- Columbus, OH
  • Dreamhack Bucharest- Bucharest, Romania
  • PGL/HCS Indy- Indianapolis, IN
  • MLG New Orleans- New Orleans, LA
  • ESL Smite European Finals- Leicester, UK
  • 2016 Smite World Championships- Atlanta, GA
  • 2016 Smite Console League Fall Split Finals- Atlanta, GA
  • 2017 Smite Console World Championships- Atlanta, GA
  • Gfinity CWL London- London, UK
  • This list is constantly growing!

We also participate in some of the biggest online leagues as well such as:

  • Gfinity Pro League
  • Starladder Star SeriesIX
  • Call of Duty UK Championships Qualifier League
  • The International IV European Qualifiers
  • joinDOTA League Season 2
  • ESEA Premiere League Season 17
  • MLG Smite Pro League
  • MLG Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pro League

We are always looking to recruit the best top-tier talent out there!

In the meantime, we are always looking to recruit top-level competitive talent. If you or your team think you have what it takes to represent Aware at the highest levels, we want to hear from you! Please fill out the following information HERE. You can also email questions to: esports@awaregaming.com.

Where You Will Find Us

At Aware eSports, our pro teams will always be competing amongst the best. You will find us participating in the biggest, most competitive live events and online leagues. Below are just a sample of where you will be able to find us!

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